AAA is also known as the Triple A method and regulates the authentication, authorization and accounting of data traffic on network devices.


Data sovereignty

The term "data sovereignty" means that people can decide at any time about their own data and about the access to their own data. This also includes the storage, use and dissemination of data.


Denial of service

Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks are directed against the availability of services, websites, individual systems or entire networks. If such an attack is carried out by several systems in parallel, people talk about a distributed DoS or DDoS attack (DDoS = Distributed Denial of Service). DDoS attacks are often carried out by a very large number of computers or servers.



The Haecksen were founded in 1988 and describe themselves as a group of female hackers. They are the feminists in the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). The Haecksen's vision is a world in which female perspectives in technology are significant. They meet annually at the Chaos Computer Club Congress (C3). More than 400 Haecksen are widely scattered and there are several regional groups.



Linux is a free, i.e. non-commercial operating system. Linux is only the core, which is the interface to hardware and software. When people talk about Linux, they often mean the specific Linux distribution.



A Linux distribution is an operating system based on Linux which is mostly characterized by curated software packages.

Since there are many different Linux distributions, there is even an assistant that promises to find the most suitable distribution for you:



Python is a versatile programming language published in Amsterdam in 1991. It is said to be easy to learn due to its clarity and its reduction to the essentials. For a long time it was mainly used in the scientific field, but in recent years it has become a fully-fledged and recognized programming language.


Software library

When we talk about a software library, we mean a program part that is used again and again or can be used, but does not have a start sequence itself.


Zero Trust

The Zero Trust model is a security approach where devices and users are not trusted. Access is only granted after they have gone through a review process. This exclusive arrangement minimizes the risk of potential attackers, as frequent security incidents occur due to default trust and unnecessarily broad user rights.

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